IRLP Cables for the Alinco DR-x35 Series Radios
(and others) to IRLP Version 3 Interface Board
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This site is going through some major changes starting: 10/27/2012

Welcome to the KC6HUR IRLP Node Builders web site. This site has been created to support my node (IRLP 4494) and to provide additional information for those who would like like to build their own nodes or make their nodes work better.

I will be posting the scripts that I create so others can download and make use of them. I will also be providing information that will be useful in setting up a node. There will technical information about the hardware used in an IRLP node, in particular, information about Sound Blaster cards. As time goes on, there will be more and more information posted.

Sit back and enjoy or better yet, get out and do something!

73 de KC6HUR