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KC6HUR's Scripts

One of the best things about the IRLP system is the ability to extend the capabilities of a node by writing programs or scripts to perform some needed function. While most programs are written using the bash shell scripting language, you can write programs in whatever language you so desire, be that bash, Perl, c, etc. The functions can then be executed by the custom_decode control script, from the console, at startup, or via the cron timed execute functions. You can do just about anything.

Below is a collection of scripts that I have written, adopted or just modified to suite my own needs. They work for me. I'm offering them to the IRLP public with the hopes that they may meet your needs as well. Feel free to examine them, use them, modify them.

No Warranty is expressed as to their suitability or stability. They may break your system. If you ask nice enough, I may even help you fix them on your system. Enjoy!!

Special Notes

I have removed most of my scripts. Since it is pretty much impossible to install some sort of MP3 player in any but CentOS 5 based systems, I'm no longer sharing my ARRL Audio News and Amateur Radio Newsline scripts. Also, I no longer support anything that has to do with Echolink and will not provide any advice on modifying any scripts to work with EchoIRLP system such as Star69. All scripts provided here were created to fix a problem on my nodes which are very highly customized and bare little in common with vanilla IRLP installations; therefore, you are welcome to download, study, modify, and use these scripts as you desire.

How-To Download

I always hate downloading using a browser on a Windoze box than having to transfer it over to the Linux machine. While my site looks good using a program such as Internet Explorer, because of the way my site is designed, it is extremely easy browse using lynx (a text based browser) which runs on the Linux machine. The beauty of using lynx to download the files from my site is that it saves the file directly to the Linux machine and you don't have to worry about ASCII files getting CRLFs added to the files.

You can also use wget to download files directly your Linux machine; however, you will have manually type in the URL of the file you wish to get. Use lynx, it's easier; however, if you have trouble, then it might be necessary to use wget.

To learn more on how to use lynx and wget, please refer to the man pages on the Linux machine.



Provides an audible confirmation of a received DTMF command.


Prevents remote IRLP connections from butting into a local conversation.


Play DTMF tone very fast (programmable speeds and volume).


This program allows an IRLP node to "look" like a microwave receiver when connected to a voter such as a Motorla SpectraTAC comparator. The guardtone program will generate a guard tone whenever the PTT unkeyed.

IRLP Basic Flowchart (pdf)

The chart that show the flow of control in the IRLP system.


Echo audio without going to the echo reflector.


Used to set the clock on a LinkComm RLC controller using DTMF

Make sure you have fastdtmfdial installed.


Speak the time of day.


Send text messages to Yaesu FT-51R.

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